Serviced Offices Provide an Excellent Flexible Location

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If you are starting up or running a small business, you may not have the time, staff or money to arrange all the features of a larger office. Even kitting an office out with the essentials like desks and chairs add up to a substantial cost. Then there are all the monthly outgoings to include such as telephony and broadband services.

Serviced offices can offer the benefit of including many of these costs in a package deal that works out better value than purchasing all these items for yourself. Serviced office space can include furniture including desks and chairs, electricity, toilets and running water. Services they offer can include telephony and broadband services, cleaning services, manned reception, professional reception area and CCTV security. This reduces the time you need to spend communicating, purchasing and maintaining these items and services, so you can dedicate more time to growing your business. Problems regarding these items and services are usually dealt with by the office complex owner, further reducing your responsibilities.

This arrangement also offers the benefit of meaning you can change the size of your office far more easily than if you own or have a standard lease. Serviced offices sometimes offer more flexible leases, either with shorter contract periods or the option to move to a larger or smaller area within the office complex. This reduces commitment dramatically and means you do not have to accurately predict the rate that your business might grow and you do not need to start paying the rent on a larger office until the time you need it.

A further advantage of serviced office space is that if you do need to move offices to accommodate more staff or storage space, you can maintain the same business address if you only move within the same business complex. This helps young businesses as they often cannot afford to lose any recurring business that might be lost if they moved address, as well as maintaining a more professional appearance of an established company.

Such office complexes and business centres are usually located on the outskirts of towns and cities and benefit from excellent transport links. You may find yourself benefiting from being surrounded by other small businesses and trade or built up business contacts without going anywhere.


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