Why Local Ppc Is a Quick And Easy Way to Market Your Business

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When you have a business you know that you need to market it. These days putting ads in the paper just aren’t enough. You need to do something online. The Internet is generally how people get all their information these days. Instead of opening a phone book to get a phone number, people turn to the web. Or for just about any reasons people turn to the web. You want to get your name out there and get your information to places that people will see it. One tool you can use is Local PPC. And what exactly does it mean?

PPC stands for pay per click. It’s a great way to advertise online for a small investment. For example ‘Google AdWords’ is a popular PPC ads program. But why is it a quick and easy way to market business online?

Well, you can set it up literally within a few days and effectively achieve results in a short timescale. Unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which may take months to optimize your site for search engine results. So, if you really need a simple way to quickly generate customers, then consider PPC ad campaign.

What you do is decide how much you want to spend on your ad. Then you decide how much you want to spend per day. Once that’s set, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You can end up spending under 5 cents per click, so you are getting a good return on your investment. Since with Local PPC you are only paying when people click on your ad, you are only paying for people who are genuinely interested in your business or your service.

The way the Local PPC works is that your ad pops up whenever someone is searching for the products or service that you provide. The ad pops up on the side of the page when you use Google. It’s powered by keywords or phrases that you use AdWords for.

An example of ‘AdWords PPC’ campaign would be if you are a pizza delivery store called Joe’s Pizza in Anytown. When someone goes to Google and searches for ‘Pizza Restaurants Anytown’, not only will your name show up in the results, but your ad will show up on the site. The ad will have your link in it so all the searcher has to do is click right through to your website. It takes them just a minute and you’ll pay only a few cents. And it’s cost effective, as you pay nothing unless people click on your ad.

Local PPC marketing will truly provide a laser targeted traffic to your site. And you can easily keep track of how your ads perform. There are tracking tools that you can use such as Google Analytics. When you use those tools, you can see quickly what is working and what isn’t. Then you can make instant changes to take advantage of the things that are working. And most importantly, you can speedily grow your business.


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