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Let’s talking about the example of the books, it helps us to know the definition of writing for your self. This paper can be split into two words and wrote the paper. The word “work” according to the Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesian (KBBI) means work, handiwork, artificial creatures (especially the essay). Furthermore, KBBI explain the meaning of “work” with a sentence; novel shackle is famous works Armijn Pane.
While the word “write”, not a single defined by KBBI. This may be because the word “write” is not a noun. So KBBI explain by adding affixes to clarify. For example;
“Inscribed” is described as; there are characters (numbers, etc.) are made (digurat etc.) with a pen (pencil, paint, etc.)
Write” is described as; numbers, etc. with a pen (pencil, chalk, etc.)
Writing” is described as the subject of writing (writing etc.).
Writer” is explained as who write the book.
Of the two definitions above, we can deduce that the definition of writing is all forms of human thought if stated in writing. So if you refer to this definition, at least there are two kinds of sample papers. Examples of such writings are: writing fiction and non fiction writing.
Fiction writing is writing that is fiction, fantasy, or the result of human imagination. Examples of works of fiction writing, among others; short stories, novels and article.
If it is a prose short story about the events in one’s life, the novel is slightly different. Prose novel is long and contains a series of one’s life story with those around him, and highlight the character and the character of each character in the story. Examples of Indonesia is very famous novel is a novel titled When Love (KCB). So long story in this novel to be divided into two books. One of the things that stand out enough of this novel is a teaching of moral values ​​are tucked in each set of stories.
Types of work that is both non-fiction writing. As the opposite of nonfiction writing is the result of a human thought that involves data and factual information and sometimes use the conventions of standard. Examples of non-fiction writing, among others; opinions, essays, articles and research reports. Including skirpsi, theses and dissertations. The following paper reviews examples above;
Opinions and essays are the two things that may be quite closely with us since the days of school. Whether it’s the duty of teachers from various Indonesian or writing competition. We may often hear the jargon in the race like this; opinion writing contest, essay writing contest, writing competition of opinions and so forth. Yet according to Indonesian dictionary, opinions and essays have the same meaning.
Opinions are opinions, thoughts or one’s stance. While the essay (which in KBBI in writing “essay”) is a prose essay which discusses the author’s personal point of view. From this information, we can know that the actual essay and “paper-shaped lots” are two things in common. Opinions are the contents while the essays he wrote. To get examples of types of opinion writing, we can open it from the newspapers. Almost all the newspapers that circulate around us contains opinion writing in it. Some magazines do not even contain only one, but several lots at once on his daily report.


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