Reasons Why You Should Keep Writing as a New Writer

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You Should Never Given Up Writing and Sharing for the People

If you are a new freelance writer, you would be discouraged easily by your friends, family members or the other writers online.  It is been reported that more and more writer copied from the other and republish almost the same work.  Some other writer just gave up writing after they think that writing for money does not work.  I would like to share a few reason for you why you should never given up writing or copying from the others.

Reason #1 Why Keep Writing – Expand and Sharing Your Life’s Experience

We are all human and we will experience different type of event in our life, and that would be a good idea to write those down for sharing with your readers, and yourself too in the future.  For example, if you have experience something bad such as receiving a bad services, you should always write that down so the other people could learn what has happened and how you solved the problem from you.  On your side, writing down your pass experience could help you to make better decision in the future because you have learned from that.

Reason #2 Why Keep Writing – Discourage the People Who Discouraged Your Writing Career

Since I have joined Bukisa and Triond for a year, I has been blamed by many writers on the same platform about my grammar and spelling mistakes (even I did grammar and spelling check).  But anyway, why should I be discouraged and quit writing because of what they have complained to me about?  It is your job too to show them that you will not quit writing, and that would also be applying to your family members or friends who does not understand why you need to be a freelance writer.

Reason #3 Why Keep Writing – For Passive Income

Writing online is a very good source of passive income when your writing and marketing skill get improved, your work would not be wasted unless the whole website is being shut down.  It’s only happened to me one time when Ehow was ending their writer compensation program, but they need to pay me for buying out my contents.  And that mean the more I wrote, the website need to pay me back more money if they want to end the writing program, and this is why you need to keep writing.


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