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FIRST what is in right now for the spring.

Long shirts. Skinny jeans and some pumps. ( or flats) Because we all no that Pumps are not always so comfy. if you are pregnent this works really well. long shirts and strech pants. with some flats. Mab put on a head band. *** head bands are more and more in style these days. I see more and more poeple walking down the streets with head bands. But try it on with the outfit and see how it fits you.

I always say it might not look good on you but it will look wonderful on someone else. or the other way around.

Also a button down shirt with a belt around the tummy is also in style now.


any color that is light for spring. save the dark for the winter!!!! The spring is here and here to stay and it is getting nice out.

lets try the light pinks and the lights purples.

** Make up***

i LOE  bare minerals. IT is the best out there right now that is not 1000000 bucks!!

because lets face it us hard working people do not have that kind of money to be spending on make up and clothes and what not.

BUt bareminerals is a PLUS. try some eyeliner on the top of your eyelid and the bottom veryy lightly. not DARK! the less makeup the better.

use a little blush on your checks. and some miscara. not dark as well.

and some eye shadow to match what you have on for the day.

example: today i have purple on ..light purple eyeshadow is a great way to bring out what you have on and your face.

TIP** everything you put on should be light. nothing should be dark and stand offish.

so what is the deal with proactive? for your skin?

well proactive is great! I would use it for the Dry little pimples now and then skin.

I would not use it for sever acne. But it does work and after one use i have noticed changes.

19.95 plus shipping . for clear skin.

DEALS on shopping

look on line for good deals cupons PRINT THEM OUT!!

also if you buy in bulk you save! so think about that as well.

look for free shippiing signs.

nothing is better then buying in a store so take the time to look around.


** Never pump your mascara bottle – you’ll increase the risk of introducing bacteria that can infect your eyes. You should change your mascara at a minimum, every 6 moths (3 is better).***

have a great day =)


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