If You Leave Your Home Business…

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A lot of people who get started in network marketing become attached to their first company. VERY attached.

Like my husband and me.

But as you start to get more experience in the industry, you understand why that’s a mistake.

Twelve years ago we were the (name of the company) people. Our identities became tangled up with this company. I’ll never forget when we went to a surprise 50th birthday party and the guest of honor referred to us in front of everyone as the (name of the company) couple. That was a wake up call.

When you become a company, what happens if you decide to leave?

As we went along in our business, things changed. Nobody had done anything wrong. There was no incident with the company or people in it. Things had just shifted in a way that told us it was time to do something else. So we chose to leave.

It was a hard thing to do, not just because we had become so emotionally involved with this company. For many people in our center of influence, we WERE the company.

Let me tell you what we did. If you’re in a similar situation, this may give you some guidance.

First we called the people we directly sponsored into the business. We explained what we had decided to do, and why we made that choice. At no time did we bad mouth the company or anyone in our sponsorship line. Even if it was the truth (which it wasn’t), that kind of complaining always reflects back on you.

We told each of them about what we were doing and offered them a chance to look at the company presentation. We also made sure they had the contact information of our upline leader in case they wanted to stay where they were. We took care not to put pressure on them or make the situation more awkward than it already was.

Many of them chose to try out the new company with us. And truthfully, more chose to stay where they were. After all, our devotion to the company was obvious to them, and they had a similar devotion.

Next, we wrote a letter to the customers we had, telling them of our decision to switch supplier companies to this new one. Surprisingly, several of them were willing to try the products from this new company. Even though we had been so closely identified with them, there were a good number of folks who had enough trust in us that they were willing to move away from products that, for the most part had given them very good results.

Years later when I first started studying attraction marketing, I began to understand why people willing to follow us, not just the company. We had created trust and loyalty to our personal brand. That branding was stronger than the products. People had formed relationships with me. They wanted to continue them. I took that one of the highest compliments I had received in my business.

As you continue in your home business career, it’s important to speak well of your company. But it’s also important to speak well of the industry as a whole. That includes the other companies.

Don’t trash them. Someday you might want to become part of one of them.

There’s a reason network marketing companies call their representatives, “independent.”

You will do better if you think the same.


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