My Trip to India

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Recently I decided to visit India with my husband. I went to New Delhi. The commercials you see on television could not be more misleading. You see clean water and elephants bathing in it. However, these marketers forget to show you the dust, the homeless people, and the trash in the middle of the street. No one informs you about the crazy traffic or the lack of basic standards for human decency and sanitation.

In India no one cares about anything besides religion. The whole country is run on religion and God. There are people urinating in the middle of the street and naked children running around asking car drivers for food. Transexuals are able to legally open the door to any home and sit in the middle of the living room until the apartment tenant finally gives them money. Apparently, blessings in India are very expensive. The police will do nothing to punish these criminals. 

It is best not to leave the home in India. Everyone has servants there and it is advisable to send the servant to take care of your errands. In India everyone is dependent on others to get things done. No one lives on their own and no one is financially independent. People are usually forced to keep their mouth shut and just follow along with the insane rules of society.

Women in India are treated as second class citizens. Men believe that their wives are there to serve them and take care of their children. The men provide the money and go out drinking with their friends. They refuse to speak to their wives or their children. When you attend an India party, be prepared to see that men sit in a separate room from women. Women and men never socialize together and there is a pre-determined age for marriage. 

The food in India is delicious and more natural. In India you cannot find standard size clothing. Everything has to be tailored. The tailoring is usually done incorrectly. Do yourself a favor and forget about visiting the malls in India. The malls smell like gasoline and have no air conditioning. Also, be aware of certain toilets where you are forced to share  one toilet roll with all people using that particular restroom. You would not be able to take the actual toilet roll into the stall with you. If you are so lucky as to be able to do so, you will have to bring it back out so that other people could use toilet paper as well. 

In the airport you will find a toilet which looks like a hole in the ground. Please do not attempt to use it. Just find another stall. If you are looking to breathe some fresh air, you will have to first spend at least three hours inside the car. You will not be able to open the windows in the car due to the smell of gasoline and pollution. The best time to go out in India is at night after it rains. All the dust settles on the ground and you can finally breathe a little.

In India everyone has unusually large families. I am talking about eight hundred people large on average. The family structure is very formal and political. There is nothing genuine or personal about it. People in India often behave in unnatural and unusual ways. They always try to maintain an image of happiness even though they hate everyone and are miserable inside. Everyone is afraid to speak the truth because they do not want to embarrass themselves or hurt someone else’s feelings. 

In India people often mix business and personal relationships. Everyone always does some sort of favors for their friends and relatives and everyone is always under so many obligations. People are always talking on the phone with one another. However, when people get together no one talks at all. It is strange to see so much formality in a country where the cows have a better life than people.


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