How To Study The Bible Counsels Five And 6

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Today I purpose to show to you the counsel of two perts, of the manner of how to study the Bible.

Our first expert is hight Prem Rawat, of Malibu, California. He is not an authority on scripture itself, but Prem Rawat is an authority anent the Kingdom of Heaven.

Prem wends about the Earth, imparting to people, for without cost, how to get in touch with “the kingdom of heaven within”, which is the same as “the law scribed in our hearts”, which is “the name which is called wonderful counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting father, the prince of peace”, which is “the baptism of the fire and the holy spirit”.

Check out Prem Rawat’s advice for us: go through the Bible, until we arrive at the place that quoth “What you seek for is within you”, then close the volume.

If you desire to hear Prem Rawat discoursing on video, then visit

Our next authority’s handle is Al Neal, hailing from St. Albans, WV. Mr. Neal is the chiefest authority on coded meanings in the scriptures. Al shares with beings human, like you and me, how to make to be clear the most obscure passages within the Holy Bible, by exploiting the Bible’s code.

Al teaches scripture in people’s homes, not in any public church house. The method, that Al teaches, is get started in Genesis, the first chapter thereof. Al advises us to keep reading, until we arrive at a passage that we comprehend not. Then, teaches Al, make a prayer to Jahweh and ask him to uncover to us the sense of the words. Afterward, says Al, “put it on the shelf” and keep on reading.

When he says “put it on the shelf”, Al’s meaning is that we should stop any further cogitation anent the subject, and proceed onward in reading.

According to Al, when seeing a list of names or numbers, then we ought to read all of them, for the reason that the words of the list will be revealed to us in our future reading, when we’ll find out that they are cross-referenced in numerous spots in the scriptures.

Should yourself want to hear some of the ideas, that Al has to share, on video or audio, on the internet, you have the opportunity to locate his nomenclature just, or together with the group of words “infinity Bible code”, else “prophecy club”.

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