How to Have Basic Table Manners

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The most basic of table manners are the most important. Yeah you should know what fork to use when or the proper side to serve on, but without the basics you’ve got nothing.

Brush up on your manners and your dining companions will surely appreciate it.

*NAPKIN GOES ON YOUR LAP* First thing when you sit down at the table put your napkin on your lap. That’s just incase you drop food (hopefully you don’t) that it doesn’t end up on your clothes.

*Unless your five please do not tuck your napkin in the collar of your shirt, thanks*

*ELBOWS OFF THE TABLE* While your eating your elbows should not be on the table. Elbows take up space and knock things over, so keep them off.

kidsrestaurantinline_Thumb.jpg *CLOSE YOUR MOUTH WHEN IT’S FULL* Chew with your mouth closed & no talking with a mouth full of food. NO ONE wants to see the food in your mouth it’s just gross. Speaking with a mouthful of food will pretty much guarantee that your spitting your food too. Just like chewing with your mouth open will guarantee that your making that yucky, smacking noise. Please close your mouth if there is something in it.  

K7ZLCA3KJ4IECAH2HG8PCACJWHRHCAIU9GYXCAO9 *DON’T USE YOUR FINGERS* Unless your eating finger food, your fingers should not touch your food. Do not push that last little bit of rice on to your fork with your fingers, your knife will work just as well.

 42-15449150_Thumb.jpg *USE THE NAPKIN IN YOUR LAP* Do not, I repeat, do not lick your fingers, or wipe them on your clothes. Use the napkin, thats what it’s for.

842_Thumb.jpg *SIT UP STRAIGHT* Don’t slouch down closer to your plate. You’re dining not hovering over a trough. Sit up straight and bring the food to your mouth, not your mouth to your plate. Leaning slightly in so your eating over your plate is encouraged, but your face should never be next to your plate.


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