How to Dress a Bridesmaid in a Blue Dress

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David’s Bridal located around the United States offers many bridesmaid dresses in many colors. Blue being one of those colors and offering many different color blues and many different styles to offer everyone who walks in.

First up in a Velvet Blue strapless a line dress that is long in length and that will go well with any season and if in the winter get a shawl to match. Sizes range from size two to sixteen. This dress comes with a bow in the back that you tie yourself. The price for this dress is priced at 79.99 and you may order it online only it is not sold in stores.

Next up is a more sophisticated dress that is also in the Blue Velvet color. It has a boat neck top and a belt that gathers the front together. It comes to knee length and you may only order this dress online it also is not sold in stores. The price for this dress is also 79.99. The sizes available in the dress are from size two to twenty-six.

Now is a more ball gown look in the velvet blue. It has a very pretty top with detailing and is long to the floor. This dress is only sold in stores and is a strapless satin dress. Sizes range from two to twenty-six for this dress and is priced at 155.00.

Now for another color blue that David Bridal has is the Midnight Blue. This dress also had many styles and is offered in many price ranges and sizes.

Up first is a long dress with great detail up top and a belt at the waist for any season. This satin strapless dress is sold online only and is in sizes from two to sixteen. The price is 135.00 and is a priced just right for a great elegant bridesmaids dress.

In the same color and sold in stores online is a sleeveless knee length dress. It is pleated at the top and has great detail for a summer wedding. The sizes for this dress range from size two to twenty-six. It is priced also at 135.00.

For a lighter blue that offer a color called peri. Up first in this color is a strapless sweetheart neckline knee length dress. This particular dress is sold in stores only and is great for a summer wedding. It comes in sizes two to twenty-six and is offered at 105.00.

A more elegant dress in this color is a satin v-neck dress with great detail. It is long in length and is also only sold in stores. Also in sizes from two to twenty-six and priced at 120.00.

David’s Bridal offers amazing dresses and great prices. They have a wonderful website and a great store with great associates to help anyone with there wedding and bridesmaids dresses. The offer most colors everyone is looking for and are happy to help anyone.


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