TRAVELING LIGHT(summer break)

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Ten ways to get rid of your excess baggage during summer break out

1. first thing first find a way to get back to basic strength training even if you’re out of town. if thier’s a fitness center close to where you’re vacationing, try to get into one, if not, get creative and devise your own workout, keeping it simple but with at least the basic lunges and push-ups. And don’t forget the yoga stretches you can do on any hotel or resort room carpet.

2.Don’t waste the stretch of beach; brisk-walk your way to general body conditioning.

3.Work out your heart with a few laps in the pool. Swimming engages all four extremities and your your core.

4. If you’re up to it beyond swimming and get an added adrenaline rush through water sports.

5.More hard core adventure translate to an even tougher workout.

6. Work out those face muscle too. now this one absolutely doesn’t require much of your time.And if you don’t really mind being stared at by other holiday revelers, you can do it almost anytime anywhere. so go ahead and smile, frown, blow, stretch your mouth wide and hold it, go winking and blinking– and never mind what they’re thinking. and party, dancing and partying its wise though to stay away from junk food and alcoholic beverages that come usually come with the lights and music.

8.Spoil your self at the spa and get a good rubdown.

9.Eat wisely. Binge on the other delights expect unhealthy food. Even when your in vacation, you can still keep to the food guidelines for health and nutrition offered by the National Academy of Sciences Food and Nutrition Board.

10.Work out your “spiritual muscles” too. Make rest for the body a time to feed the soul. think about and be grateful for all the blessings you’ve been given. Take stock to where you are, how you got there, where you want to be, and how to get there, and thank God who’s been with you through it all.


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