How to incorporate content?

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Build content into your website naturally. It is fine to have a section for articles but don’t create a list of article titles that link to an article on each page and call it good. This is where you start but not where you stop. Remember that every page has a purpose and you have added these articles to promote something else – so be sure to use the space wisely.

You can introduce your related products and services or affiliate links through ‘Recommended Resources’ links at the bottom of the page – or even place them in an inset text box within the article. Also take a look at the pages where you promote your products and services directly. Create resource sections that link your visitors to appropriate complimentary content for deeper study.

Another simple ways to add content.
A Blog is a great way to add content to your website and allows you to introduce your own ideas in a more casual manner if you want to add some personality to your web presence. (And your visitors can comment on your posts, adding even more content.)

You can also look at adding a Frequently Asked Questions section to your site if your target market generally has a lot of questions and needs a lot of up front information to make a decision about their purchases.

Message Boards builds community as well as fresh content into your website.

Now it’s time to practice your new Content Skills. Will you…
1 Look for good free reprint content to add?
2 Seek out relevant PLR content to purchase?
3 Hire a ghostwriter?
4 Schedule some time for your own writing?
5 Hire a Virtual Assistant to add the content for you?

Whatever your plan, make it a regular part of your business activities and you’ll be on your way to more traffic, more subscribers and more sales.


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