Motivation to Win

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So what are you to do about your players strangely lacking drive to run through a brick wall for you?  Well, the first thing you need to understand is that every player is different.  Not all of your players are dynamos of energy, ready and willing to die for the cause.  No, some of them just want to have a bit of fun in the sunshine.

The first thing you’re going to have to do is pretty simple.  You’ve got to get to know your players and find out why they are signed up to play on your team.  Because, let’s face it, if all twenty something of your players are just interested in having a bit of fun and not working very hard, you are NOT going to do anything but make yourself crazy trying to convince an entire team to see things your way.  Figure out what your players want, and you’ll be able to meet them half way.

After you get to know them, and you’ve discovered what they want, it’ll be time to explain to them what you want from them.  Go ahead, be honest, you’ll gain nothing by lying to your players.  Tell them what you want from them and what you will do for them.  Make sure that your players have the opportunity to ask you for help.

Make sure that you take this process very seriously!  You’ll refer back to this over and over again during your season.  When players start to drag, remind them of what you are trying to do for them.  Be prepared to ask them how you can help them.  Always remember, the coach works for his players harder than they work for him.  He sets the tone.  A coach that is not


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