When is the perfect age to have a baby?

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When is the perfect age to have a baby?

When is the wright time for a women to get pregnant? I think that’s a question with a different answer for each woman. Many people say that the perfect time is between 20 – 30 years. Long time ago though the age of a woman getting married and forming a family was much younger. So it was perfectly normal that they had children before the age of 20 even.

This days more and more women choose to have a career first and a good financial situation before making this big step. There for it is not unusual for women in their 40Y’s to get pregnant with their first baby. Biologically i think the best age is before 35.

As long as physically everything is in perfect health it depends for each women when they feel ready to be a mom. Of course the financial situation matters but that i consider is the least important of all. Life is a continue fight and we all do our best to survive. So i am sure that even if a baby comes when financially is not such a good time, we can manage eventually, because we have no other choice.

You can have a baby in the moment you feel ready. Ready to love him more then anything on this world, ready to give him a good education and to guide his steps into the world. This can be before 20, 30 or even 40. I believe that you can consider that you are ready for this big responsibility when you reached a certain maturity. For example very few women can reach this maturity before 20, when most of them may be have as priority going out to a club with their friends or the boyfriend who is not paying any attention to them anymore. At that age everything is exaggerated. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some women before the age of 20 who are perfectly ready to become mothers. My own mom was 19 years old when she had me and she did a great job!

Another very import issue is that no matter what age you have, making a baby just to make your relationship with the life partner better is a big mistake. What was wrong before having the baby it can’t be fixed after either. First you have to resolve the problems in the couple before thinking to bring a baby between. When the parents fight the children suffer the most and as they grow they might think it was their own fault.

There for in the moment you reached the maturity you need to become a parent and found the loving relationship you can consider you find your self at the perfect age to have a little angel in to your life.


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