Why candy is given out on Halloween

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Why candy is given out on Halloween

Halloween is a celebration that kids just love. One of the reason are the costumes everybody wears. Kids get to go from door to door wearing their costumesand asking for candy. So it is not a wonder that they wait all year long for this day just as they wait for Christmas.

This days the main reason people give candy to kids when they came at their doors is just for fun and to make the kids happy. They have to say at the door Trick or Treat! whichmeans that in case they don’t receive the candy they ask they will perform a trick to those people. This is mainly symbolic as almost everybody gives away candy.

Usually kids go just in their neighborhood and the younger ones are accompanied some times by their parents or older brothers. Kids go normally in small groups of friends.

The history of Halloween comes from long time ago. At the origin it was a pagan Holiday. In this days people made the connection between present and the spirit of their ancestors.

Giving candy on this Holiday comes from ages ago when poor people used to come from door to door at this date asking for food. In exchange they should pray to the gods for those people. So the food was placed on the door steps because people were scared of divine intervention in case they did not help those poor people.

Years and years ago this Holiday was initiated by Celts which leaved in an area called now England and France. It used to have totally other meanings though in comparisonwith what happens today. It had a lot of connection with people who believed in gods and pagan people.

The food for poor people transformed in our days into a symbolic gesture of giving candy. People don’t do this because they are scared of what might gods do to them but just a fun thing to do and a way to remind them selvesof those days. When the kids say Treat or Treat it means that if they are not being treated with candy they will make a trick to them. Offen this trick is performed even if they got the candy. An example of the treat might be throwing with eggs, or laying toilet paper around the house. as we can see the threaten for the trick is not so scary because it all makes part of a fun game and adults just love to play along.

So the reason for giving candy is to symbolises the food which was placed on the door steps for the poor people. The fear for the gods punishment transformed nowadays in to a way of having fun and relaxing.


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