How To Cut A Pattern In Fabric

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Many people, even some dressmakers say that they don’t like cutting out patterns, it tends to be where a lot of people go wrong, but when it is done properly, it can make the difference between the a beautiful, well cut garment and a crumpled mess.

You will need: A good pair of sharp scissors

A large workspace


Step 1. Decide on which pattern pieces you will be cutting; lay the pattern sheet onto a large clean table. Do not use the floor, as this is very rarely smooth enough.

Step 2. Make sure the pattern pieces are smooth; gently smooth them with your hand.

Keep the pattern steady by placing one hand on it. Carefully cut the pattern out with the scissors in the other hand. Make long cuts with the scissors, this will give a smoother, less jagged outline. Rest the scissors on the table whilst you are cutting.

Step 3. Decide how you want your pattern to lie on the fabric (this will depend on selvedges, bias etc) Lay the fabric onto the table. You may want to iron your fabric first; this will ensure that it lies flat

Step 4. Place the pattern where you want it, smooth it out, and pin carefully. Put one pin at the bottom, one at the top and one each side, this will keep the fabric in place whilst you put the rest of the pins in. You should have enough pins in so that the fabric is secure and doesn’t lift up or move around when the material is moved.

Step 5. Repeat with the rest of the pieces. Using the sharp scissors cut the fabric out.

Again, you should use long cuts and rest the bottom blade of the scissors on the table so that the material is not lifted up too much.


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