Tips on how to save money at amusement parks

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Tips on how to save money at amusement parks

Kids and parents love the amusement parks in the same amount. What activity can be more fun for the family then going in to this kind of park and just having a great time! Regardless what age you are, everybody transforms in little excited kids.

As the attraction are endless the costs of such a day can get quite high especially for a family with a modest income. That does not mean though that they can not visit this kind of entertainment places. If you are going to spend a hole day there for sure you will need food and drinks also. A first tip to save money in an amusement park is to bring from home some sandwiches and drinks, and desserts. This things are expensive there and from the start you can consider that you saved about 30 to 50 dollars.

Try to choose the less expensive rides on coasters, bumper cars, or on what you and your kids enjoy. Also a smaller amusement park which is not that famous can be cheaper too and you will avoid an extra crowded place. In the end they are all the same so just because it is smaller it doesn’t mean you will have less fun there then in a big one.

The kids have so much energy that for sure they will want to spend all day long money on rides. There for try to make long breaks between the rides. In this time do what ever you can so that no one gets bored. Watch the otherpeople scream on the coaster it can be quite a fun image to look at. Make long walks along the park so you can see what happens every were. The kids will totally enjoy them selves and it will take some long time untilthey will ask again for a ride. When the moment comes that you all want for example to get on the coaster don;t go all for once. by taking a ride each at the time, the rest of the family can wave at him and make fun of his face expression as he passes by. This way especially if you have a big family a lot of time will pass till everybody has got his turn.

Another great idea to have fun in an amusement park totally free of charge is by making little silly bets between the members of the family. For example by watching people in bumper cars to see who has a better speed. The winer of this bet can have for example an extra cookie at home. This kind of activities will create a special bound between you.

A day spent in an amusement park has to be relaxing and fun. If you are smart about it at the end of a day you will be happy and with absolutely no regrets for spending above your budget.


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