Believe in Signs?

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Signs are for fools or for those who have faith? What do you think? I want to believe that signs are for those who have faith and why not believe that. Believing in that it’s like seeing that this world it’s not so much black and white; that you can still sometimes if you try hard, see all the colors of the rainbow. I really believe in that. Let’s see; there was a time when I used to believe there was no magic in this world and there was nobody out there for me and then this guy appear out of no where. I have just given up on love and then he appear just like that. Yeah! Maybe signs are for those who want to believe in something. That’s another good point and it’s true. Nowadays is hard to believe in something, why is that? I really don’t know, do you?

Sometimes they used to say that life is a magazine and then they ask: “How much does it cost?” It costs a nickel and in response they say: “But I only have a penny” by this point they say: That’s tuff and what is tuff? they asked and in response: LIFE. Yeah, it’s true, life is tuff sometimes or so it seems that way, but also it’s a beautifull place to live and also life is full of signs.

Now it’s the time to believe in something and to not give up; specially when it’s about love. Love is a beautifull word. To love is a great place to be. But to love means to take the best and the worst, their ups and downs, everything and sometimes that is hard to do. But it is what it is; Isn’t it?


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