Eat Papaya,Stay Healthy

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One of the most nutrious of fruits is the Papaya.Eating of papayas has a lot of benefits.Nutrients contained in Papaya are Calcium,Vitamin A and a high concentration of Vitamin C(which helps in collagen healing).Though some people do not have a taste for this fruit,it has to said that the papaya fruit has immense health value.Consuming it on a daily basis helps in improving one’s health in various ways.

Some of the benefits of Papaya are:

Skin: Papayas are a great way to enhance skin beauty.And it is precisely for this reason that the fruit’s enzymes are widely used in the skin care industry.Juice of Papaya applied as a topical lotion can be used to lighten freckles.It is a great skin nourisher.

Digestion: Papayas are a great way to cleanse the body of toxins.They also help in alleviating faltulence.After eating a couple of Papayas for about a week,one feels very refreshed and light inside.It is also a very good prescription for those sufferting from constipation.

Eyes: Eating Papayas can bring radiance and glow to one’s eyes.It is also said that it helps in alleviating the ‘tired eye’ syndrome.

Anti-Cancer: There is an enzyme called Papain in Papaya.This enzyme is well known for it’s anti-cancer properties.Hence women suffering from breast cancer can definitely consume Papayas for precisely this benefit.

Other: Papayas mitigate the risk of arteriosclerosis,heart attacks.They also help in lowering fat concentration and cholesterol in the blood stream.


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