To Truly Love

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There seems to be a popular misunderstanding

That love and physical attraction are the same thing

What is the difference you may wonder?

Here is another view I’d like to ponder

A hug can be given so freely but without love or emotion

But a hug added to love is a beautiful expression

Of two hearts that share genuine feeling

With care for each other a friendship with genuine meaning

If love is just physical I don’t understand

How I can love someone in another land

And if a person you love has passed away

Does that mean your love goes astray?

True love won’t be shaken from its foundation

It doesn’t depend on being a relation

Real love should hold no worry, doubt or fear

But your heart fills with happiness when they’re near

I’m not talking only about the obvious husband and wife

I’m talking about others that share your life

Family and friends you can love with meaning

The people you relax with and believe in

True love spans death, it also spans life

Also lasts throughout time, through peace and strife

It spans any distance and good or bad health

Poverty won’t move it, or wealth

Love is a true deep connection

Not just a physical attraction

A bond that ties you close together

With a love that can last for ever


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