Your goal, your dream

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Have you ever thought, am I in the place I want to be?

If you looked in to the future, what would you like to see?

Would you see sadness and regret?

Would you feel proud of yourself, or a little upset?

If you stopped a while to think it over,

What else in this life would you like to cover?

What hills of life would you try to climb?

If only you had enough money or time.

Are your dreams now just an old hope or memory?

Have you forgotten the dream of what you wanted to be?

Has life hemmed you in, and squashed out your plans?

Is it possible to bring them back, and put control back in the right hands?

I know things can be so mad at times, and your life so busy,

And thinking of your own hopes and dreams sounds silly.

But with more planning and time for you,

Your hopes and goals could be realised, it’s true.

I’m not trying to tell you this will come easy,

If you’re a parent, working, a carer or disabled, it may not be.

But with the right help and support you may need,

It may just be possible for you to chase your dream and succeed.

Why not have a go and see what you find,

You may not be disappointed when you look behind.


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