Rocket Modeling- Brighter Future for Rockets

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Everybody wants to know the secret of universe.We are like small ant in this huge universe and galaxies. But the power of our brains is trying to resolve the secrets. Rocket is a fundamental device to travel in the space, to carry the satellites, telescopes and more. Rocket is an invention of China. It was used to frighten the enemy and as fireworks in festivals. Also in India, Tipu Sultan, the Emperor of Mysore (Now in Karntaka) used the rockets so far.

First successful rocket based on scientific study was build by scientist Mr.Robert Godard in Russia. Further developments are made in the U.S. and we have today a device to travel in the space.

Making a successful rocket is very difficult task. It needs deep study, consideration of all factors, proper selection of materials, selection of fuel and more. So in order to get a successful launch of a rocket, testing has become necessary. But testing a real rocket is not economical. Real rocket casts several $. So the Rocket Modeling came into the picture.

A Model Rocket is a small rocket capable of being launched by anybody, to generally low altitudes (usually to around 300-1500 feet)and is recovered by variety of means like parachute. Model rocket is in proportion to the real rocket proposed. It should not exceed weight of 1500gm. For stability shape and size of fins is important. Also the Center of Pressure (CP) should be bellow the Center of Gravity (CG) by at least diameter of rocket or in multiples of diameter. Study of Fluid Mechanics is important to develop rockets. It is usually build with cardboard, plastic,card sheet which are lightweight. Use of metal in construction of rocket is avoided to have a safe launch. Model rocket must not produce harm to the people, buildings or to aerodromes in vicinity.

To power up the rocket,a rocket motor is used. Black Powder Rocket motor is popular and available in the market. It contains carbon , ethyl alcohol and other material. It is generally made with aluminum, ceramic and a fuse wire to ignite.They are available in various sizes and load carrying capacities.Rocket motors have coding on them.

Special type of launcher is needed to launch the model rocket safely. Launcher guides the rocket up to few feet for its further travel. Launching is done on ground away from buildings,traffic, trees and overhanging wires.After the successful launch, model rocket is recovered.

There are many ways of recovery among which Parachute is mostly used for model rockets. A glider is also used in some cases. For real rockets, helicopters may be used. Parachute comes out of from the rocket when it reaches the maximum height, ejection charge is given out by motor. It slowly descends the rocket to the ground without any damage. Now the rocket can be reused by replacing the motor.

Series of launches are done and readings are taken such as time of flight, maximum height obtained. To obtain desired results change is made in length, weight, shape and fins of rocket. Final model rocket gives satisfactory flight and by reference of which real rocket can be made. Model Rockets are taking us to new world of rockets.


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