Natural Remedies for Curing Cholera

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Cholera is one of the most severe intestinal diseases which affects the lower part of the small bowel. It is a water borne disease that is most common during the monsoons.

This disease gives a sudden strike and fills the intestinal canal with bacilli which die rapidly and leave the person alive or dead within a short span of time. It is an epidemic disease which creates mayhem in the locality but subsides quickly. Those who fall a prey to it are carried away and people left alive are immuned to it.

There are three main stages of cholera. In the first stage there is mild diarrhea and vomiting which worsens rapidly. The patient experiences severe abdominal cramps resulting due to lack of salts. During the second stage the body becomes colder, skin wrinkled, dry and purpled. It is this stage that causes the early death of the patient after the onset of symptoms within a day. The third stage is accompanied by a favorable recovery in many cases as the fluid loss decreases and there is an improvement in the general condition. But even during this stage there are chances of relapse and further danger of pneumonia.

The main cause of cholera is a rod shaped, short curved germ known a vibrio cholerae. It secretes a powerful toxin that spreads by flies and water contaminated with germs. The main cause of this disease however is a toxic condition of the system brought about by wrong eating habits and a faulty style of living.

Nature Cure for Cholera: The treatment of cholera should first commence by combating the essential salts and loss of bodily fluids. To relieve thirst soda, water and coconut water should be given for sipping slowly although they may be thrown out by vomiting. Ice may also be given for sucking as it reduces the internal temperature and restricts the tendency to vomit. Infusion of about four litres of saline solution through the veins may be given to compensate for the loss of essential bodily fluids and salts.

The patient may thereafter be given thin barley water and tender coconut water once the acute stage of cholera is over. The patient may gradually embark upon a diet consisting of softened rice mixed with curd and buttermilk when the stools begin to form and there is overall improvement.

Once the patient starts taking daily diet, foods such as green chilies, onion, lemon, mint can be included. However solid foods should be totally avoided till full recovery.

Certain home remedies have also been found effective in the treatment of cholera. One such remedy is the use of lemon. The juice of lemon has the ability to kill cholera bacilli within a very short time. It is also helpful in compensating the essential loss of salts and bodily fluids. It can be taken in the form of salted or sweetened beverage.

The root bark of guava is another useful remedy. It can be successfully employed as a concentrated decoction as it is rich in tannins. It arrests vomiting and other symptoms of diarrhea.

The leaves and flower of peach are other effective remedy for treating cholera. They should be taken in the form of conserve or syrup.

Leaves of drumstick tree are also beneficial in the treatment of this disease. A teaspoon of fresh leaf juice mixed with a glass of coconut water and honey should be given at least two times a day as a medicine for the treatment of this disease.

Above all last but not the least cholera can be effectively controlled by proper water purification and disposal of human wastes. Even if there is a slight doubt about the water contamination it should be boiled properly before using it for drinking and cooking purposes. Necessary steps should be taken for washing the fruits and vegetables with a solution of potassium permanganate and all foodstuffs should be kept covered.

Thus it can be concluded that natural treatments have been found beneficial and useful not only in the treatment and cure of this disease but also controlling it effectively.


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