Escape To My Dreamworld – Poetry by Ranjan Mathews

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Slumber casts a spell, driving deep

Steering me through an abyss steep

Sound of drip-drop raindrop fades

Down opaque pools with louvered shades–

Unknown dreamscapes drift in a haze:

Zooming an Old Flame past Time’s maze

Queen Of My Night leaves her imprint,

Musky lingerie and memories in sepia print.

Choking pangs vent pent-up sighs

Flaunting desires for long lost “highs”

Cupid’s arrows stir a nightlong binge

Valentines turn pink a-blushing tinge

Boarding wrong trains I journey without tickets

Disrobing damsels serenade condomed pickets

Bare-All Stage-Acts give me stage-fright

Yet people don’t notice my nakedness bright.

The stalking thief is out to steal

I shout without voice, frozen in steel

Air-dropped suddenly on Hyde Park East

Water cannons and molotov cocktails bother me least

Eluding brickbats I am on the run

A motley crowd is watching the fun

A sudden baton charge switches the scene

Land of Canaan is blissfully seen.

Dead father’n’mother break manna in heaven

Sharing God’s Big Bonanza on Channel Seven

Ethereal screen now flickers and glows

Shooting my sortie a flak very close

I keep baling out, my parachute fails

Dancing Houris cast away transparent veils

Viragos’n’Amazons gesture an obscene threat

Ending the Wet Dream I break into sweat!


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