6 Ways to Put Off Putting Off Chores

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6 Ways to Put off, Putting Off Chores.

1. Dip Your Toe in the Water.
Test the temperature first.   Dip your ‘toe’ in and work at the job for five minutes.  The chances are, your ‘toe’ will quickly adjust to the ‘temperature’ and you’ll stay with it to the bitter – or sweet – end.

2. Look into the future.
Too often we are put off doing a unpopular chore when we picture ourselves doing it.   All those nasty tasks – too much to bear.   Think differently.   Picture the job finished in your mind’s eye and how great you’ll feel when it is done.

3. Give Yourself a Kick in the ****
Vividly call to mind, all the nasty things that may happen – and the repercussions – if you don’t get the job done.   If that doesn’t quite do it, get someone to threaten you!

4. Break it Up.
Some really difficult, off-putting jobs seem to loom large in our sight before we start.   It’s easy to goof off, telling yourself, you don’t have time to do it now.   But wait.   Look at it and break it up into easy stages – 10 minutes here; 20 there, and so on.   Before you know it the job will almost complete itself.

5. At the End of the Rainbow…
…there’s the mythical pot of gold.   Your rainbow is the completion of the chore.   Before you start, promise yourself a real ‘pot of gold’ – that is to say, a reward for completing it.   It needn’t be big.   A cup of coffee.   A chat with a neighbour.   Or it may be a full-blown shopping expedition for that new top, or shirt.   You decide.   Finish the chore first, however.

6. On Your Mark!
There’s a finish tape ahead of you.   Get set!   You have to break through that tape, at least matching the record.   Beating it would be nice.   So give yourself a deadline – and race for it.   Go!

Yes,they’re all mental games.   But it is just as easy to put yourself through some ‘Putting Off, Putting Things Off mental gymnastics as it is to wrestle with all the guilt-wracked excuses.   You’re going to have to do the sometime anyhow.   So, put off, putting it off and do it now.

Think about how much better you’ll feel when it’s done.

Have fun.


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