The Deception of Love: Part 7 of Chapter 3

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“’Ou j’st f’llow me, and ‘member plan.” Juve then promptly closed his eyes, and curled up next to a garbage can, ignoring Frank’s indignation.

Frank slid slowly down a brick wall, and grabbed a rubbish bag for a pillow. He needed money, and didn’t want to wait until later that day. Maybe, if he was careful, he could pull it off, and get a fat wad of money. If he ran, Juve would never find him, but he remembered his dream, how frail his mother and brother were. He was doing it for them, not for the pleasure of cruelty, or stealing. He needed money, he needed food, he needed the gang, and he needed his family. His feet were weak, his mind exhausted from the walking earlier. His eyes closed like Juve’s, the shutters of consciousness idle and unoccupied.

“’Ou gotta do this right, boyo.”Juve was saying, his figure fuzzy.

I’ll do whatever the gang wants me to do.”

Juve handed Frank a gun, and Frank took it, a sense of pride buzzing in his skull.

“O’er here, round deh corner.”

Frank followed him, and grunted in appreciation. A person was tied to a chair, his face masked. Juve nodded. Frank raised the gun, his semi-conscious screaming no, no, no! Frank paused, unsure what to do.

“Oi!” Juve was shaking him. “Take deh shot! De gang’s here, and deh got your money. Frank! Frank! C’mon, you follow?” Juve prodded him further, incensing Frank, but something wasn’t quite right, as the picture was blurring more and more until his finger slipped…

“No, lemme be!”

Frank woke from his dream, with Juve standing over him.

“What’s dirtied yer fray? Deh gang’s ‘ere, and dey sent signal. We gotta move, now! Deh meat and market places are open!”

“What…what time is it?” Frank groggily pulled himself up.

“’en-thirty, ‘ate! ‘Ou follow me, now, ‘n’ double on it!”


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