Seeking a Living Space of Your Own

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You finally graduated from college and you need to find your own place, a place you can call home. Or, maybe, you finally got that promotion and you are ready to find your own place because you are sick of your annoying roommates. What’s next?

First, decide on the affordable price range.

Second, search in the area that has homes in that price range.
Third, decide if you want to live in an apartment, studio, townhouse, condominium, loft, house, or a trailer.
An apartment or studio is usually very small. Your place will tend to look like a college dorm, a compact space. You will need to fill it with compact furniture, similar to IKEA-like furniture, where you can organize them together to make the most out of your small space and still try to fit all your belongings inside. You will also end up buying many organizers, usually in a monochromatic color, and pile them on top of one another similar to a library of your belongings.
Townhouses and condos are usually more expensive than apartments and studios, and have more space and more rooms. You are more likely to buy more furniture and bigger furniture from furniture stores, without really a need for organizers, unless you want them. You have more opportunity and room to really do some home decoration and interior decoration.
A house is the most expensive, and this is what most people save up for all their lives…their own house. With a house, you have more freedom to shop for furniture, buy the bigger and higher quality furniture, like those clunky and chunky furniture that look like those British-inspired furniture. They usually look elegant, and many are mahogany or cherry wood.
A loft is just a large one room space. It usually needs a lot of remodeling, and requires a lot of work. But you have the freedom to be very creative, doing your own thing. And you can fit in lots of furniture of your choice, organizing them in sections as well as placing screens to separate areas, and creating your rooms within one room by creating mobile walls. Lofts are usually found in big cities, like LA or NYC, and they are usually in abandoned warehouses that have been turned into apartment buildings by renting floors to people.
Trailers are usually your cheapest and lowest option. How desperate are you to have a place to live? What kind of area do you live in or does your area have much harsh weather conditions that the trailer might not be able to handle? But, if you live in an area with mild weather conditions, a trailer might be a good and cheap option for you. You can decorate it nice, like any home, making it look like a quaint and comfy cottage. It is all about decor and creativity, and what you really want.


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