Three Kings

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Three kings is an action comedy film and released in year 1999. Movie is based on the story by john Ridley. Three kings is written and directed by David O. Russell. Movie was produced by Charles Roven, Edward McDonnell and Michael Hertzberg. This is a story of four American soldiers who plans to steal the gold from a secret bunker of Saddam.

Cast and Crew:

George Clooney portrays Major Archie Gates. Mark Wahlberg plays a role of Troy Barlow, a first class officer working for US.

Spike Jonze plays a role of Conrad Vig.

Ice Cube portrays Chief Elgin, a baggage handler in airlines.

Cliff Curtis portrays Amir Abdullah.

Said Taghmaoui plays a role of Iraqi caption Said.

Plot Summary:

At the end of the Persian Gulf War American army is shooting on the surrendering army of Iraq. Officer Troy and Conrad are disarming the Iraqis. One Iraqi soldier is hiding some documents and they find those documents. This is a map and Troy decides to show this map to his Chief Elgin. Here news reporter Cruz tells Major Archie about this map. Archie meets Troy and Vig and tells them that this is a map of huge cache of gold hidden in Saddam’s bunker. This cache of gold is stolen from Kuwait. They all decide to follow the map and to steal the gold. President Bush orders them to raid and secure all the bunkers Here in Kuwait some forayed people find the gold. The Iraqi republican troops rescue the some prisoners and encourage them to fight against Saddam’s soldiers. Iraqi reinforcements arrive at the village and capture Troy. Some rebels manage to rescue Vig, Elgin and Archie. They decide to help the rebels to reach far across the border of Iran but first they have to find and rescue Troy. Troy is in underground bunker and calls his wife to tell his location to some officer so that they can rescue him. Iraqi caption Said tells him that Americans are involved in this thing. They encourage them to do all this. Now what happens next? Do they able to find the gold? Do they able to rescue Troy? Why Americans are involved in the crisis? What happens to the civilians? To know all the answers watch “Three Kings”.

My Views and Perspective:

Plot and Storyline

The movie shows the post situation of Gulf War and how the eccentric war takes place. Film is mix of action, comedy, war, drama and adventure too. All these elements creates awkward dilemma but this movie is perfectly engaged. The plot is very brilliant and I think I have seen any war movie with comedy. Story is more like treasure hunt. Movie delivers some shocking twists in the story and also criticizes the politicians.


David O Russell proved himself by giving some comedy hits. One of them is spanking the disaster. But this time the topic is totally different and after watching this movie you can easily determine that he got the real talent. His work is beyond my expectations. He perfectly infixed the film into several genres and his direction is striking and ends up with an enjoyable movie.

Characters and Performances

Performance by Mark Wahlberg is appreciated. He makes his character likable. The torture scene at Iraqis camp is real and he offered his body to torture for this film. So you can imagine how much dedicated he is. The acting of George Clooney is a treat in this film. I am bit surprised why this movie is named Three Kings because there are four main characters in the movie and all four are searching for the gold. I think Spike Jonze is not the king according to the movie.


Movie contains some graphic violence. Cinematography is stunning. They show the bullet traveling through the body and the scene in which soldiers are firing on the tanks is breath taking. Credit goes to Newton Sigel who also filmed The Usual Suspects. The soundtracks and sound design pump up your woofers. A must watch for everyone because movie delivers all kind of genres. That’s all I can give you. Thanks for reading.


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