Red Dragon

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Red Dragon is an action thriller movie based on the novel “Red Dragon” by Thomas Harris. Movie was released in year 2002 and directed by Brett Ratner. The screenplay was written by Ted Tally. Movie is a remake of Manhunter and there is no such variation in the movie. Recent films on Hannibal Lecter series are Hannibal and Silence of the Lambs.

Cast and Crew:

Edward Norton portrays Will Graham.Anthony Hopkins plays a role of Hannibal Lecter.

Harvey Keitel plays a role of Jack Crawford.

Ralph Fiennes portrays Francis Dolarhyde.

Plot Summary:

A FBI agent Will Graham is looking for a serial killer who kills people and takes parts of their bodies. He approached Psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter. In the conversation he finds that Hannibal is involved in the murders. After sometime Hannibal attacks on Graham but he put down Hannibal and retires from FBI. 3 years after Graham is called by his boss Jack to solve one more case. A new killer kills random family members every sequential full moon. The killer called himself The Great Red Dragon. Graham decided to go forward to the case. He has the ability to read the criminal minds and he can think like a killer. Now how he stops Red Dragon to find out this watch “Red Dragon”. Be prepared for the brutal scenes, violence and physiological games

My Views and Perspective:
Plot and storyline

As the in previous movies of the series the story is not concentrated on Hannibal but it is more on Will Graham and killer Red Dragon. Entire story is based on finding Red Dragon and to stop the next murder. The story is slow sometimes but the ending is wonderful and I bet audience will feel terror after watching this movie. Overall the plot is exciting and thrilling enough to grab you.


I think no one can forget the character of Hannibal Lecter of Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and Manhuter. Ted Tally brings back the character of Hannibal in the Red Dragon. The director has ended the series on a high note. The screenplay is good and covers most of the important part from the book. He done a tremendous job in make the atmosphere creepy and setting the brutal scenes.

Character and Performances

The Hopkins is incomparable as Lecter. He as always delivers a solid Performance. The character of the Hannibal is creepiest in Silence of the Lambs because no one has done this kind of the role before but Hopkins owned the character of Hannibal. Coming to Edward Norton’s performance, he has done his job flawlessly as Will Graham. He sums his own spark in the role. The character of Fiennes is very disturbing and stunning. He actually owns the movie. There is enough balance between all the characters. If somebody takes the character over the edge than other one will brings it back.

You should watch this movie not just one time because after each viewing movie is getting better and better. Movie is not good as Silence of the Lambs but it’s much better than others in the series.


Movie is full of gore scenes and violence. So don’t watch this movie with children.


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