Conflicker: Tired Of Hearing About It

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This entry is a short rant about me being tired about hearing about the worm Conflicker.  Conflicker is suppose to be this fantastic computer worm that is suppose to cause all this damage on April 1st – well yesterday at this point.  Every news outlet is talking about bot nets and how everyone can be a victim of this worm.

I will give credit to the maker of the worm that if it does everything they claim in how it infects computers, they did a solid job of thinking of all the backdoors possible.  But any regular home user, should have auto-updates enabled and some form of free anti-malware or anti-virus software on their PC.

Everyone was claiming that this worm will be THE ONE!

It is now April 2nd, and we have not heard a huge damaging story about what the worm has done.  I can go to bed tonight confident that the Internet will be there tomorrow and that I can check my worthless Jokes of the Day for my daily humor.

For those computers (and computer owners) that are infected with the worm, just download an anti-malware or anti-virus program from another computer and install it on the infected computer.  And send it by email to the infected computer and be sure not to use a USB drive to transfer the files.

For Microsoft that offered $250,000 bounty for the creator’s name, please take that money and reinvest it into some worthwhile operating system other than VISTA (Virus Infected Software – Try Again).  Or better yet, invest it into a new Microsoft Bob program!  Boy, I sure miss the animated dog in Microsoft Bob!

The End.


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