Your Hating? Fine. But That is Why I’m Spitting These Rhymes.

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Standing tall is starting small

That’s what I tell them haters when I talk to them all

I go to school with  a lot of them, listening to what they have to say

Many just scoff; then look the other way

I’ve begun to realize that you don’t have to be Gates to make it

Like with him, haters laughed, but I’m gonna take it!

Man, I’m proud to be educated; so proud that I don’t have to fake it

I ain’t tryin’ to fit into the hood group, I know who’ll really laugh at the end

Sayin’ I’m not black, but to hell with you; catch onto the trend!

Man, we be rollin’ dough in a month or so

While haters continually laugh; in the dark or at school

But when it comes to succeeding, I have only one rule

And that is respect who you are, and what you do

While I know them haters will laugh and then pretend to be my friend

Then grin at my success, and try to catch onto the trend

But man, you’re the one who spitted on my shoes while I was barely standin’

Wishin’ I’d just roll over and straight into a cannon

But here I am, where you’ll grin in the light and hate in the dark

While I stand over all yall, grinning like the true entrepreneur that I am

Hitting you all with figures till you say damn!

Maybe I should have listened to that kid

And whatever the hell he may have said

Because it is the delivery of vigilance and patience that brought me to where I am

Where I clean your wallet like nutin but a spray can full of Pam

You can try to start now, haters

But I will always remember the laughers, and those actin’ like barrators.

Bringing your criticisms and half-ass prosecutions to the teachers

Sayin’ it’s wrong to be an entrepreneur!

But believe me; it’s best to start early, and especially if you’ve got the talent

That and the right people; build your structure man, and you can make it.

In the world of today, there is no bar in which restricts you but the simplicity of your arrogance and naivety.



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