Product Review: Coleman Chair is a Versatile and Durable Product

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The Coleman chair is a great product for anyone who likes to do things outdoors. A great feature on the Coleman chair is that it is light weight, so my arthritic hands have no problems at all picking it up, or carrying it around. I took this sturdy Coleman chair with me to a baseball game at the park recently with the family. The Coleman chair offered a much more comfortable place to sit than in the bleachers,

The Coleman chair also has a mesh cup holder to hold your cup, or can of beverage. I like to take a cooler of diet Pepsi cold drinks with me when we go to see the local baseball games at the park.

The Coleman chair comes in a nice selection of colors, so if you like to mix and match or color code the family you are able to. You can purchase several of the Coleman chairs and do a different color for each family member. Individual colors make personal identification easier. There is less arguing over who’s Coleman chair is whom this way.

The Coleman chair is packaged in a self contained in its own nylon bag. The carry bag on the Coleman chair makes it so easy just to fold the chair up, tuck it back into the bag and sling it over your shoulder.  Off you go. Being small and compact also means that you don’t need a lot of room to keep the Coleman chair stored.

I personally just take the Coleman chairs we bought for the family use and keep them either in the garage or the car trunk. My family and I have taken the Coleman chairs out camping too, because it’s just easy to put them around the campfire. On the last camping trip my husband got some sticky roasted marshmallow on his Coleman chair. I was expecting this to be really hard to clean off the Coleman chair, because such sticky stains usually are. But to my great surprise it wasn’t hard at all. A little hot soap and water on the sticky spot and that’s all it needed.

I truly am pleased with how well the Coleman chairs do. My family loves using them as well. I found my Coleman chairs on sale. They were extremely affordable. Not only are the Coleman chairs durable, they really do function well for the entire family. Even the carry bags are the same colors as the Coleman chairs. It’s so nice to have a set to use in the yard, go on outings or even set out for extra guests that might drop by the house. I highly recommend the Coleman chairs to everyone.


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