Avital Remote Car Starter Eases the Pain of Extreme Weather

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The Avital Remote Car Starter looks like a great little gadget, allowing you to start your car from up to 200 feet away, no matter what may lie in the way.  This eliminates the need to leave your cool air conditioning or warm heating to traverse the foul weather and wait until your cars heater or air conditioning has had a chance to start to work.

Having arthritis can make winter particularly a painful experience.  Mostly I am able to keep out of the cold, except for those times when you have to go out of a building and into a car, then wait til the heater warms up.  My husband also suffers from arthritis; perhaps I could get him one so he can get into a deliciously warm car thanks to the Avital Remote Car Starter.  Or maybe not, it is a little expensive for mine for this sort of gadget.

It seems to have quite a good range on it, as I have a friend who has used his Avital Remote Car Starter in many situations and it has come through every time.  The Avital Remote Car Starter has even worked from inside a shopping center lift as we got to our floor.  For something which is remote and has such a long range, the Avital Remote Car Starter doesn’t seem to suffer from much interference which is fantastic.  You don’t want someone’s cell interfering with your car starter or vice versa.  The application of technology gets a well researched five out of five stars.

As with most remotes, the Avital Remote Car Starter but the battery on the one my friend owns is yet to die, so I have no idea about how cheap or easy it is to replace them.  Given that his is still soldiering on, I can only conclude that they have a good battery life.  Five out of five stars for battery life.

The Avital Remote Car Starter is quite nice to look at without being too chunky or heavy.  The buttons are easy to manipulate and it fits in the hand quite comfortably.  I am not at all concerned about having the Avital Remote Car Starter on my key ring, as it is quite light, and I don;t believe it will do any damage to the barrel on my cars ignition.  It would be nice to have some options in the color or style though.  Four stars out of five for look and feel are started up by the Avital Remote Car Starter.

Overall the Avital Remote Car Starter seems like a good little gadget.  Aside form looking good and being easy to use, it works every time.  The Avital Remote Car Starter is a must in any climate that experiences extremes of any temperature.  Unfortunately, it is out of my price range for this sort of gadget.  Hubby will just have to add it to his wish list I think.  Three toasty stars out five overall for the Avital Remote Car Starter.


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