Questions T&T need to answer

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So after that disgraceful defeat at the hands of the United States of America, one finds oneself wondering a few things about the side. I mean I know Maturana makes his squad decisions just like he always has (by throwing them all into a hat and pulling out the starting eleven and the three subs and then rolling 1d100 to generate when he gonna play them), but there are a few things that leave me puzzled as to why they keep happening.

1) Why the HELL is Stern John still on this side?
So the man is the number one goal-scorer for Trinidad and Tobago in internationals, but that might have something to do with the fact that he playing for donkey’s years now and one or two of his shots bound to go in. 66 goals in 104 international caps (and these stats kinda old ehh, must be more by now). If I could calculate correctly, that’s approximately 0.65 goals per game. Now taking a look at the man strike record you could say that 0.65 per game not bad. Take into consideration that on average he needs to fire at least 20 shots on goal before ONE goes in and you have a serious waste of time on our hands. When we have a perfectly good unplayed Striker like Jason Scotland on the side, one needs to consider what the arse Coach Maturana is thinking.

2) Where the HELL is Latapy?
Trinidad has three subs, all fine and well. You use one sub to bring on an attacking midfielder. You use the second to bring on a strike (don’t mind you already have waste-of-time-John striking for you) and your third sub is another Attacking Midfielder. If you are so attack-minded, the obvious choice for a sub is the Little Magician himself. Now I know Latas can’t run longer than 20 minutes without getting bun, but he deserves a play. The only way I could see that Latas wouldn’t come on in such a situation was if he didn’t want to play against the US because looking at Maturana’s squad the game already lost.

3) What happened to “Pressure, Pressure, Pressure”?
In the early part of the game (I mean REAL early, before the 13′ goal was scored), Trinidad was pressuring everything that come their way, pushing deep into enemy territory…sort of. After the goal scored it looked like T&T went into mental shock. Men start playing ball like is Primary School football they playing. man on the wing NEVER marked (and that was why the second goal scored, marker let his man get away too far to pull up on him). Now I could say that they don’t have a give-up mentality ehh, but I would be lying through my teeth. After one goal down, it takes T&T well into the second half to start playing attacking football again. Once they start attacking they forget that the game is attack AND defense and BAM, second goal in their Rukung.They just too Lackadaisical and not focussed enough.

4) What Clayton Ince doing SO FAR OUTSIDE?
I know keepers does push up, but somebody should tell Clayton that most goalies don’t stray THAT FAR outside their 18-yard box. Now I know he didn’t do anything wrong this game, but if he keep it up is a disaster waiting to happen. That being said, Ince probably stopped it being a 4-0 fiasco just by choosing his runs properly. I don’t mind him being eccentric, but there’s a place and time for it.

5) Why in the first half the only fouls getting called was against us?
I not saying the Referee probably get paid off to throw the first half, and none of the fouls he give resulted in a goal, but it does get discouraging when even the one impartial man on the field in the opponent’s back pocket. The fact that the very same fouls I saw committed on the T&T side were brushed off as minor discrepancies when committed by our American counterparts. I quite believe if a rule stands it should stand for everybody.

6) Why the only “American” players on the USA side is Beasley and Donovan?
Torres (Mexico). Ching (Japan). Haduk (Scandinavia). Why they does call themselves USA for? They should call themselves “United-People-Who-Cyah-Get-Game-In-Dey-Own-Country-So-Dey-Come-Play-Football-Cuz-They-Getting-Citizenship” team. I think that would be too big to fit on a TV screen though. Best stick to USA then.

That is all.


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