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How to be simply happy

Happiness is the state of being at peace with self and with those around us. It is a thing to be found by exerting, by doing some things, for no human being can truly be happy by doing nothing.

There are actually many sources of happiness or joy depending on what value we place on things, events or people.  Some people find joy in having plenty of money, clothes or the bounty of life. Some relish  having  surrounded with friends.  There are those  who delight  in  adventure or travel  while others prefer to  stay at home.

Whatever it is that makes us happy, there are  guidelines  that can bring anyone lasting happiness.  It is to accept who we are , whoever we are and  delight in the simple little things that  are happening  or coming  into  our lives.

Unhappiness comes when we feel  self doubt   or when we compare ourselves to others. Of course it is never wrong to have an ambition  such as  finishing a degree or acquiring  something, for as long as  we keep our feet on the ground and our goals are realistic and attainable  enough.     

Keep it simple, keep it simple  is the key. This can be applied  to every  facets of  our lives  whether a  dream or ambition,  an activity , an endeavor or a pursuit in life. Complications or imbalance  in the way we spend our lives cause unhappiness too.

 We need to have a positive outlook in mind. Even in the midst of a bad day, in the presence of an  obnoxious client, decide to be happy by enhancing or accentuating  the good things rather than the bad.

People who are self-centered or  who always focused on the “me, mine… attitude seldom attain  true peace and happiness, but rather those whose hearts and minds are for the good or benefit of “us, we, ours, they and them.”

People say that happiness is elusive, but we can always choose how to respond to circumstances  in our lives.   We  can   learn  to decide  to capture it  by choosing  to   be happy – the object and the design of our existence.                        


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