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Where to mine what?

For none members this is a fairly small subject as we do not have such places as teh coal carts and yanille open to us. However Places to go are just as important as the skill itself! If you are mining an hours walk from the bank it doesn’t matter that there is 1 million iron ores there! You must consider what is there and wether or not you are smelting as well or if you are super heating!

Varrock East

This is one of the best spots to mine as there are no NPCs here and it isn’t very popular for higher levels yet there is lots of tin, copper and iron here!

Dwarven mine

This mine is closer to a bank and has much more iron and even coal however there is fierce competition as well as scorpions that will constantly attack you!

Lumbridge swamp

This is the best spot if you have 50+ smelting preferably 70+ and 43+ magic as you can superheat bars, there is coal, mithril and adamantite ore here that you can easily smith into tons of bars with an average walk to the draynor bank!

Dwarven mine

Level 60 mining but the perfect spot for mass coal mining!

How to level mining

This one is a bit less straight forward. Power mining is clearly the fastest way. Power mining iron more specifically in a spot where bankers won’t be your competition this way you will have the 3-4 iron rocks to yourself! This method will leave you just as broke as when you started! If you don’t want to be broke you need to bank mine your iron! Alternatively you can mine coal AND iron and bank them for future use as steel which will increase your smithing quite a bit and/or turn a  giant profit!

Smelting bars for profit

Most people would prefer 5mil to level 55 smithing? Wouldn’t you!? You can start at bronze and work your way up to rune! You need a lot of patience, preferably a high enough magic level to teleport to varrock while your getting started! You need to buy even amounts of copper and tin, go to al karid for any amount of bars over 500! If you have less then that falador is just as good! You make approximatly 50-100gp per Bronze bar you smelt as well as getting 6.2 experience! I call this method paid skill advancement, it implies you are increasing a useful skill which you are still turning a profit while doing so! I would not suggest doing this with iron as Runescapes random 50/50 means more 30/70 you will lose money smelting iron into bars! Steel is THE best one to do this with, a high profit margin and 17.5 guaranteed experience as well as the knowledge you WILL sell the bars at a more then fair price and can always get iron and coal at a fair price makes making steel bars the ultimate smithing training while still turning a profit! I would suggest buying as much as you can once you have used bronze to get you to level 30, be sure to get 1 iron per 2 coal and as much as you can! Then go to al karid. Smelt your brains out! You earn a ton of experience while making a  ton of money!

Combining mining and smithing for max XP and average profit

If you have 60+ mining or an insane ability to mine coal in inconvinient spots you can easily amass a few million while increasing mining AND smithing nearly equally! Mine all the iron and coal you can! you can also so mithril and adamant if you have high enough levels! Smelt into bars then turn them into PLATEBODY nothing else! You can high alch the platebody for the most money using the least amount of Nature runes. Platebody uses 1 nature rune per 5 bars whereas say a sword would take 1 nature rune per single bar making your profit much smaller! However your only cost is the nature runes so as long as each high alch gets you at least 250gp you are turning a profit!


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