Goldy Locks and the Three Bears Jargen

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The Delinquency of Golden Locked Homo Sapiens and the Trio of Ursus

Erstwhile on an independent occurrence, inhabited in the focus of a lamented wood, lied the domicile of a trio of ursus. The matriarch of the coalition of ursus furnished an infusion of ground oats and blistering water for consumption by the three confined in the domicile, but alas the gruel reached a calefaction; one that neither homo sapiens nor ursus could withhold against due to the fragility of the hypoglossal nerve. Tenaciously gripping the prospect of an adequate grain to feast on, the ursus proceed to saunter in the woods, but thereafter retreating their post in their domicile a young adolescent examining the ursus‘ domain from afar; forthcoming the delinquency inherit from the terminus of her auriferous hair, irrefutably decided to trespass on said ursus very own domain. Now forthcoming the scent of an alluring regalement to the nostrils of the adolescent, coming to a reconciliation that it is is imperative that she consume the source of the alluring scent, had ascertained the location of the said feast in question on the dinning room table. Upon observing the source of the former tantalization of nourishment. She had discovered a leash of gruel laded tureen and decided to partake in consumption of the preponderant tureen only to reach the conclusion of heftiest of the leash to be scolding of her tongue. Dissatisfied with the previous intensity of the tureen; decided to partake in the consumption of the tureen that was balanced in size compared to the ladder, only to conclude that it was as most gruel of a puckered nature and proceeded to consume the tureen withholding the least mass of gruel. One nip of the gruel was more than adequate as she consumed the tureen with each scoop of her eating apparatus until there ceased to be anymore subsistence from the meal. The young delinquent, now well nourished, settled on the notion of a tacit sitting which recurrently led her to another leash of objects, and just as past infractions decided the preponderant chair to be anything but felicitous due to its scabrous attributes and the intermediate chair to be overly abundant in gelatinous texture. Finally she found the chair whose physical characteristics were most infinitesimal to be unobjectionable and satisfactory, but while claiming victory over discomfort, the mass of her body out weighed the allowable quantity the chair could withhold and she, auriferous locks and all, descended abruptly to the floor. Proper evaluation led to the reconciliation of the bed of smaller stature and the golden locked delinquent began hibernating as she laid smoothly in bliss. The young adolescent ursus then perceived his bed, and he had discovered the persona non grata and upon exclamation of his dissatisfaction with her residence in his bed, she had awoken and gained cognizance of the present circumstance with disquieting affectivity as she beheld the exasperated profile of a trio of ursus starring down at her. In acorrdance with apace the homo sapien plunged out the room and into the living quarters and out into the woods to be nevermore tobe perceptible by the ursus.


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