Instead of buying MLM leads online I suggest to generate your own lead

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Instead of buying MLM leads online I suggest to generate your own leads. You’

re probably wondering how can you do this? The best way to do this is to get

yourself a lead capture page. What a lead capture page does is basically

brand yourself as the leader and promote you first instead of the company

product and compensation plan. This is very important when it comes to doing

business online because people are looking to relate to individuals that are

there to help them succeed.
When I first started promoting my business online the first bright idea that

I got was to buy MLM leads online. This is a big mistake specially if you’re

starting out in the Internet just like I was. The last thing you want in your

business is a bunch of dead weight that is not going to do nothing. Remember

the key to network marketing is to build a downline that will be productive

and get other people in the business. When you purchase these leads online

you are just taking up space that can be used for those people who are really

going to explode your business.
Many people go to the Internet in order to buy MLM leads online but this is a

big mistake. If you want to be successful the last thing you want to do is

buy any of these leads. Most of the time the companies that give you these

leads are legit but the leads end up being fake or just unresponsive. What

this basically means is that you’ll have a bunch of people under your

downline that you won’t be able to communicate with and they will basically

be dead weight. If you want to build the long-term business I advised not to

purchase these leads.
 The structure of a lead capture page is pretty simple is made up of a

captivating headline on top, a video picture of yourself on the left side

under the headline and an opt in box asking for the name and e-mail of the

visitor on the right under the headline. If you follow this structure set up

and dedicated time into it you will be successful and won’t ever have to buy

MLM leads online again.



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