How to Find Out If You’re Eligible For Government Programs To Help American’s In Need

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If the economy is taking it’s toll on you and your unemployed or your not able to make ends meet, your not alone. With the job loss rates through the roof, consumer spending through the floor and personal finances down the toilet, countless families and individuals have found themselves in a pinch and in a time of need. But, where do they turn? For many this is the first time they’ve been in a financial straight or without a job and they may not even be aware that assistance in out there. But, it is. Help is out there, if you know where to look.

Depending on your circumstance you may be eligible to receive government benefits in your time of need. The U.S. Federal Government has a website specifically designed to help people find available programs and determine eligability.

Whether you need general assistance with living expenses or need a student loan, help may be closer than you think.

Copy & paste this address into your address bar to find out if you’re eligible:

1. Click on the benefits tab.

2. Then click on Take Questionnaire.

Fill out the questionnaire as honestly as you can. It’s a little long but very thorough and designed to find the programs you qualify for. You may be eligible for help paying for daycare, food, tuition, health care, transportation … you’ll never know until you check it out. What could it hurt?


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