How to Banish Those Dark Circles Forever

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You’ve tried every tip there is on the world wide web, but nothing seems to help reduce the dark circles around your eyes. You’ve tried it all. Cucumbers, potatoes, sunglasses, vitamins but the circles remain undeterred.

Here are some easy-to-follow and affordable tips to help you get rid of those circles that seem to add years to your face!

Let us take a look at the most common causes of under-eye dark circles, because unless we address the cause, we can’t expect to come up with a solution.

? Anemia: In anemia, not enough oxygen reaches the body tissues and the skin. Iron deficiency is the most common type of anemia.
Solution: Consult your doctor and get a prescription for iron tablets and any other supplements like B vitamins to help get rid your anemia, and get the oxygen moving again.

? Fatigue and lack of sleep: Both of these make the skin under the eyes appear pale, because not enough blood flows to the eye area.
Solution: Obviously, get enough sleep as much as your body desires. If you feel you are having to manage on less than 7 hours of sleep every night, then make up for it by catching up over the weekend and holidays.

? Age: As people get older, skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner. The skin around the eyes is the most vulnerable and starts showing the first signs of aging long before the rest of the face.
Solution: Stick to an antioxidant-rich diet. Anti-oxidant rich foods are your best aid against aging. Berries – blueberries, cranberries, blackberries are all rich in antioxidants. Drink their juice or eat them raw.

? Sunlight: It is that time of the year again when summer seems just round the corner. You’ll notice that this is the time when your dark circles look the darkest. Sun damage causes dark spots on the face and increase in melanin around the eyes too.
Solution: Protection is the key here. Use gentle eye creams with UV filter, something that  is seldom recommended but highly effective. When you return home from a day outdoors, apply some fresh natural yogurt around the eyes. This not only soothes the area but also acts as a lightener.

? Lack of circulation: Bad blood circulation is said to make both the metabolism and the blood circulation sluggish.
Solution: Exercise. Engage in any semi-intense cardiovascular exercise, such as aerobics, jogging, cross trainer. The idea is to perspire and to get your face turn red. This means that the blood has reached your face. Your eyes will get brighter, the dark circles lighter.
Remember: Slow walking won’t help much into getting that circulation going.

? Dehydration: Dry skin in the rest of the body might show flakiness, but around the eyes it will appear as dark circles with wrinkled texture.
Solution: Drink at least 6 glasses of water every day. I can’t stress enough the importance of hydrating your body constantly. This is extremely important even at those times when you don’t really feel thirsty.

? Pigmentation: Sometimes there is hyperpigmentation around the eyes caused by more melanin production in that area.
1) Apply a blend of almond oil, honey and lemon juice around the eyes at bedtime. Go easy on the lemon juice as it has acidic properties which could burn sensitive skin.
2) Blend carrot seeds and fresh parsley leaves into a juice and dab around the eyes – do this during the day twice a week, leaving it on for as long as you can.

? Stress: The stresses and strains of our daily lives have taken away the smile from our face. We are unable to relax, let go and let the sparkle of youth return to our eyes.
Solution: At least once a week, engage in an activity that calms your senses. Get a massage, do yoga, meditate. Whatever you fancy so long as you feel pampered and connected to your inner beauty.

You saw from the above tips that you are not trying products at random, but have taken every known common cause of dark circles and found a solution to combat it. This way, you have all your possibilities covered and are not likely to go wrong in your new eye-care regime.


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