How to do spring cleaning

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Springtime means; the season of growth I think the New Year should begin in spring because it’s the season that breathes life back into what was and new life into what will be. Spring is also a great time to open the windows and get rid of the stale winter air and let some fresh air flow in.

While you have the windows open, you could you can do a little spring cleaning. Germs can get trapped in the house during winter, and since its better to start cleaning from the top and work your way down, the walls would be a good place to begin. Fill a bucket about half way with warm water, add about ½ cup of ammonia. What works really good is the big sponge’s stores sell to wash vehicles. Grab a step ladder or chair and start at the top and wash your way down. It really does eliminate a lot of germs.

Now that you got your blood flowing and more energetic, let’s do some dusting. At the beginning of spring, I fill my rag bag with old clothes (preferably cotton) that are no longer needed, and use them for dusting. Feather dusters are okay, but I think it just scatter’s dust around. Rip one of your rags in half, and use a freshly scented furniture polish, a little elbow grease, and those end tables will shine like a sunny spring morning. Don’t’ stop now; your floors are green with envy. For hard surface kitchen floors, fill your bucket half way with warm water a 1/3 cup of bleach. I do it the old fashion way which is on my knees; but a mop will work too. Start at the farthest point and mop or scrub your way out of the room. Let dry for about 15 minutes.

Next, let’s give that carpet a good thorough vacuuming; move out furniture that is against the walls and vacuum behind it. I always end my vacuuming in the location where I store my vacuum cleaner, that way, I don’t make any marks on my carpet dragging it back to place I keep it. Finally, Make yourself a hot cup of tea, your favorite biscotti, sit back and enjoy the rest of your fresh, clean spring day.


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