Worm Gone Wild

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Yes April Fools day has begun and what has coficker been up to so far? Just like the Y2K bug coficker has activated itself but with no great force. With all the hype and people running on panic, the day has come and still this worm has really not surfaced.

This story has been carried by all the news stations and the newspaper with huge warnings of it’s potenial hazzard. For weeks this has been the topic on the technology front. Security has been scrambling to make sure the panic button does not continue after April 1 is over.

According to security, Coficker has been released but till now not much has happened. The chatter among the experts seems to be nonchalant. No news is good news though, or at least from mine and many others around the world point of view. I would much rather have a non event than a catistrophic one.

Seems that 1 to 2 million computers are protential carriers of this mallware which is the supplier of coficker compared to 10 million in January. With all kinds of help from around the world it seems the security experts have worm invader under control.

Ya maybe we all panicked for no reason, but the day is still under way and who knows maybe this creature has a time attached to it and will show its face at any time today or maybe it really was an April Fools Day joke!


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