The Night Spider – Mr. Lutz’s best work…

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The Night Spider is a 2003 novel written by best-selling and award-winning author, John Lutz. Mr.Lutz’s talent and abilitiy to interwine mystery with intrigue and horror has allowed for his success over the years. His novels and short stories are works of mere intelligence and beauty.  He defines his characters meticulously and with clarity – defining even the most minor of minor qualities.

I enjoy reading mystery novels in my spare time. It allows my body to relax and rest, while the depths of my mind wander off to excitement and interest as I try to solve the novel’s case. The Night Spider is the story of slain women cruelly and brutally murdered by one cunning intruder. NYPD Captain Thomas Horn and his detectives race against time to save the murderer’s next victim before he strikes again.

The novel is compelling and suspenseful. Once I picked it up and began reading, I found it very difficult to put down. I am an avid reader and simply adulate this novel and its author.

Obviously, the novel is intended and targeted at the much older age group of society and the women more suspectible to rape and murder. The novel draws public awareness to crimes we think could never happen to us. The novel’s content is gruesome at times. It made my stomach churn reading of the way the murderer sometimes killed his victims. The horror of the novel horrified me, but the murderer’s disturbing past touched me and simultaneously troubled my mind.

The reader can easily associate the themes of the novel with his/her own life. I could easily relate with the plot. The themes of the novel – just to name a few – are: domestic violence or abuse, murder, depression… The story made me reflect on my life. I thanked God for the wonderful childhood he gave me. It makes me upset that others can not share the marvelous experience of being happy in life.

All in all, the novel was excellent. I think what I really liked about the novel was the fact that it was divided into 3 segments or parts. It was almost like a movie. The concept of dividing the plot into 3 segments made the novel all the better.


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