How to grow Mushrooms….the easy way

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This guide is for those who would like to grow mushrooms but are having difficulties with doing so.

The first think I would recommend is using a grow bag. This can be used instead of using jars and a terrarium and requires much less attention.

One of these bags can be purchased online from a number of different sites including: , , and . These bags come with pre-sterilized substrate and vary in weight and size.

For cultivating in a grow bag it is best to use a syringe filled with spores.

First, check your bag for any holes. Then, take your grow bag and wipe down the injection site with an alcohol wipe. Most bags will have a plastic covering over the dark injection disc towards the bottom DO NOT RIP IT OFF!

Next, sterilize your syringe. Then, insert the needle fully into the injection site pointing somewhat towards the side of the bag. Make sure you do not puncture the bag! Now, inject about 1cc of spores into the bag. Do the same action once more but pointing to towards the opposite side of the bag. Once again DO NOT PUNCTURE THE BAG! 

Here’s the easy part:

Put your inoculated grow bag into a dark place with the specific growing temperatures for you mushrooms and wait. It should be 4 weeks (give or take) until your substrate is fully colonized, this happens when the interior of your bag is completely covered in white mold.

Now introduce in direct sunlight to your bag. This can be done with florescent lighting also. Keep the light on for about 12 hours a day.

Pins will soon start to appear, mainly within a week. Now you must wait for the pins to grow to the desired size. Most decide to harvest after the pins grow into full grown mushrooms, which should take another week. Otherwise, pins start to drop and cause chaos in the bag.

Now remove the substrate from the bag by cutting of the top. Here you can go ahead and harvest all of your mushrooms.



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