6 Tips for Exercising When You Don’t Have Time

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Exercise means different things to people depending on their condition and conditioning. Sedentary individuals will not require an hour of aerobics to feel like they have exercised. Older adults may have physical conditions that limit the level of exercise options available to them. For those who are already in shape, they will want more than a walk down a long corridor to be counted as real exercise. Regardless of your level, everyone can get in some exercise each day even if they believe that they do not have time.

Begin by deciding what you will count as exercise.

No one should count speed eating as an exercise program. If you are in an office, you will not want to become all hot and sweaty unless you have access to a shower. Stretching exercises can be fit into almost any routine if you really think about it. Brisk walking is an easy exercise to fit into most daily routines. There are a variety of selections for the different circumstances.

If you do not have access to a stair climber, climb some stairs.

Even people in top shape will find stair climbing to be good exercise. If you work or live in a tall building, quit using the elevator to go up. Going down will get you some exercise, but it is climbing that really gets the muscles working and the heart beating. Depending on your condition, use a climbing speed that fits your situation. If you only have a few flights of steps and want more conditioning, go up and down several times each time that you need to go to a different floor.

Get up and stretch when you have to talk on the phone.

There are a lot of stretching exercises available that will work while you talk on the phone. Lunges are one possibility. To make them harder, you can put your lunging foot in and out of a chair. Standing upright, you can bend backwards, to each side, and forward to get some torso work in. Switch the phone from side to side and stretch your arm over your head. The list goes on and on for this type of exercise.

Never call someone nearby on the phone if you can walk to their office or business.

Walking is one of the best general exercises available. Learn to walk at a brisk pace instead of leisurely stroll. If you have long hallways to travel, you can get in several miles per day. By walking instead of calling, you can maximize your daily steps.

If you go to the supermarket, carry the bags into the house one at a time.

Instead of carrying as many bags as possible to reduce steps, carry them one at a time. If you walk rapidly, you will get in many extra steps. Use this same technique anytime that you have several items to carry. You will be burning many more calories carrying food than eating it.

Use a bicycle for short trips around town.

If you can ride a bicycle several times per week to the store or even to work, you will burn far more calories than driving a car. Anywhere that is less than 5 miles is a possibility for a bike ride. If you live around a lot of hills, it might require you to work up to some distances. Always wear a helmet. Riding a bike on a short trip will be nearly as fast as a car. On trips of a few blocks, you may want to opt for walking.


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