Affiliate Marketing Tactics – Why Profitability Should Not Always Guide Your Affiliate Decisions.

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Do you know a secret about affiliate marketing? You will make more money in smaller programs that pay less than larger programs which have a lot of competition and big payouts. Although this is not a big secret, you will be shock that there are actually many people who have difficulty understanding this basic principle.

Affiliate programs such as insurance programs, mortgages and college sign ups all have something in common. They have a lot of money because of the areas in which they reside in to throw at their affiliate marketing efforts. They also offer you great commissions for leads. This helps to make them more attractive to you, the affiliate marketer.

You need to see what is involved and look beyond the bottom line of these affiliate programs if you really want to make money with your affiliate marketing efforts. Basically, you don’t have any chance of ranking well for any keywords that would work well with these programs. If you do, it would only be through buying advertising. This would result you in spending a lot of money in order to see a little bit of return. It is not worthwhile. As a matter of fact, it would be a lot easier for you to make money with smaller affiliate programs that seem less attractive.

It is quite simple to understand the formula. You can belong to an affiliate program that pays out $15 every time somebody fills out a form. However, you are not going to make any profit at all unless somebody actually fills out the form. If you have an affiliate program that is in high demand but only pays out a dollar every time somebody fills out a form, you will stand a better chance of having 20 people fill that form out. At the end of the day, you will have $20 in your pocket.

It can really increase your bottom line if you understand this principle about affiliate marketing. Always look at your own and don’t pay attention to the bottom line of the program. In doing so, you will help yourself to move up the ranks in your own affiliate marketing efforts.


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