Learning Affiliate Marketing – Easy Guide to Start Making Money Online

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Learning affiliate marketing can be overwhelming to any novice. Fortunately there are resources out there to make it easy for you. Affiliate marketing is not rocket science and with the right guidance and techniques you’ll start making the money you want to buy that new car or quit your job.

The role of an affiliate marketer is to simply help people who are looking to solve their problems or need buying advice. Remember that as a marketer your there to serve the needs of your audience and get them to do what you want or better yet what they really want! Help solve their problems and they will reward you back in the form of an affiliate commission.

That’s all said and good but how do we go about doing this? Well you’ll need to set up several things.It’s easy.

1. You’ll need to have a page with your value your giving them on it. This is called a landing page. This page has to meet the exact needs of the audience your drawing. If you’re getting traffic that wants to solve their dog’s behavioral problems don’t give them a website with premium dog food on it. Be relevant to what their needs are and what they really want. It’s as simple as that.

2. You’ll need a relevant traffic stream. You can get this through several promotion methods. As a beginner I suggest sticking to the free methods of traffic driving. One free method to drive traffic is called bum marketing or article marketing. This method basically involves posting articles relevant to the searcher that are optimized for searches in a search engine.

3. Once you have traffic you’ll need to see how well that traffic is converting. I highly suggest setting up visitor tracking. I won’t go into the technical aspects of that here but I thought I’d mention it.

Pretty straight forward right? If you want to achieve your financial dreams with affiliate marketing I suggest you just keep taking action and practicing. You shouldn’t expect to learn computer programming over night and affiliate marketing is the same way.


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