How Failure Leads To Success

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How many dreams and goals have you put off because you were afraid of failing?  How many times have you looked back on your life, thought of mistakes you’ve made, and kicked yourself over them?  Read on and see how making mistakes and failing can truly bring out the winner in you!

Failure creates learning experiences:

Whenever you fail at something it touches you in a deeply emotional way.  Although it feels negative at the time, it teaches you important lessons.  You learn what doesn’t work, which can actually get you closer to success.  Since it’s so upsetting to fail, you’ll try harder the next time. 

Failure pushes you to a new level:

Even if you try and fail, you’ll never be the person you were before you started the path.  You’ve pushed yourself to a new level, moved outside of your comfort zone, and are that much wiser for having attempted the task.  If you constantly avoid pursuing goals and dreams for fear of failure you’ll never know what you can do.  Trying and failing is better than never having tried at all.

Failure strengthens you:

Right after a failure you may feel weak, hurt, humiliated, knocked down, and/or frustrated.  But something amazing happens once the original sting wears off, you actually become stronger in mind and spirit!  With every effort put forth you grow stronger in character and increase your odds of achieving success.  Since most people want to avoid the pain of failure, it can lead to greater focus and desire to succeed.

Failure makes you braver:

Whenever you put your efforts into trying something and you fail you build courage to try again.  It’s usually fear of the unknown that actually holds people back, but once you’ve made it through a failure, taken a risk and lost, it won’t feel as scary the next time you try.  Bravery doesn’t actually come from winning, but from the pursuit of goals—whether you succeed or not.  By taking more chances you’ll build courage to keep trying until you meet with success.  

Failure brings answers:

Never trying at all leaves you wondering.  Could you have made it?  Would you have actually met with success?  You beat yourself up over missed chances and what the future may have been like if only you’d tried.  By taking a risk, even if you fail, at least you will have answers and closure to this particular path.  You’ll know what works and what doesn’t, and what you should do differently next time.   

Failure opens new doors:

They say that everything happens for a reason, and failure is no exception.  Maybe you interviewed for a job and didn’t get it, yet another one comes through that pays more and offers room for growth.  Perhaps someone you’ve been dating suddenly breaks things off, and you meet someone ten times more wonderful.  Failure is never the end of the road, but only the beginning of something potentially better. 

Don’t view failure as bad luck, instead look at each attempt to reach your goals as a triumph.  There’s always something to learn, ways to grow, different viewpoints to see, and new opportunities waiting just around the corner.


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