Tips for getting free stuff online

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Tips for getting free stuff online

Everyone loves free stuff, I mean it’s FREE! I know I do. To get your free stuff, you need to provide some information though –  name, address, email address, and even phone number sometimes. Follow some of these tips for getting free stuff online.

1. Create another e-mail address (yahoo, hotmail, gmail) just for your free stuff. This way, you don’t get spammed in your regular e-mail. You can also create a temporary email address with Guerrilla Mail.

2. Get another phone number – no not ones that you pay for, a free online one. One that provides a number to you, and people who call that number leave voice messages on there for you – unless you want toll free number calls! k-7 offers this for free.

3. Write letters to companies – give your feedback to them. Let them know that you’ve used their products before; some give free stuff for your letters of complaint. If you have a blog or website, write to companies and ask them to send you free samples in exchange that you will write about it.

4. Download the Google Toolbar to autofill your forms – This will make things much faster when filling out forms!

Have fun and good luck!

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