Searching and Selecting an employment consultant.

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Searching and Selecting an employment consultant.

These consultants are the ones that you see advertising in the national press and trade journals. They are in the business of finding people for jobs and also occasionally jobs for people. When they are finding people for jobs, they have a specification of what they are looking for but they do not have a researcher. They rely on advertisements and the letters and CVs that they receive from these. They will screen each letter and CV and put together a “long” shortlist and will interview in order to provide the recruitment organisation with a “short” shortlist. They also receive many unsolicited CVs and cover letters. The majority of firms have a database. If they haven’t got a vacancy when you do send your CV, they will tell you that they are keeping your details on file. You are never sure how long the CVs are kept on file or how sophisticated their database of people against job categories is.  More often than not, if you get to meet somebody from a selection firm, they will interview you to format your details in their own style.

One of the main complaints received from consultants is that they are inundated by unsolicited CVs that are of no use to them whatsoever. The key to successfully approaching recruitment consultants is to be targeted. Many of them specialise either in a particular industry or functional area or recruit only at a certain time. If you are outside these specifications, please do not waste their time or your resources.

The more senior the position you are looking for, the more likely it will be that positions you are looking for will not be advertised. Therefore it is even more important to you that you approach the right consultants. You will hear many people say that the more consultants you approach the better your chances of success. It is better to home in on consultants where the likelihood of them handling assignments in your field is high. If this does not prove successful you can always broaden your horizons at a later date. Another question is “How many CVs should I send?” There is no right answer to this, but it is better to send them out in small numbers, no more than 20 at a time over several weeks. Some consultants have a policy of responding to every CV they receive, but do not take this as read. Many will only respond to relevant CVs, if at all.

The main point to remember about recruitment consultants is they do not work for you. They are paid by their clients and will handle only a small number of assignments at any one time.

Some selection firms specialise in interim assignments. If you are interested in this aspect you need to be quite specific when contacting them in saying that you want an interim assignment. If you would like further help with CVs click the following link

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